Est. 2020 | Rotterdam 

Anne (sometimes Annie) Schneider is a California-born, American-Canadian architect, designer, researcher, and writer based in Rotterdam. She holds a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles.  

For the last two years she has worked as a contributor to AMO, and focused on the countryside as the site of radical social and technological experimentation. At a time when the very notion of density is under attack and our cities are being devastated (by pandemics, by climate change, by inequality, and the less insidious but equally destructive forces of mass tourism) her work offers a unique perspective on our most fragile environments.

Anne Schneider operates in the realms that underpin capital “A”-Architecture; the context in which it operates, the people that inhabit it, and the material and labor processes that create it. If research identifies and diagnoses conditions, the logical next step is treatment.  Not limited by scope, scale, or imagination, Anne Schneider is operating in the realm of what is and the realm of what could be.

In the course of her career she has collaborated with Harvard University Graduate School of Design, OMA/AMO, a Dutch architecture firm and think tank, the graphic designer Irma Boom, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Fully fluent in the technical requirements of the profession, she has spent the last three years surrounded by architects, but also by scientists, anarchists, classicists, survivalists, horticulturalists, journalists, and publicists. She’s become (beyond a designer) a team leader, researcher, reporter, curator, bookmaker, documentarian, photographer, writer, and professor.

Many of her skills and experiences are difficult to categorize (for the ones she could, please see the attached CV). What her resume omits is this: the ability to stay cool under intense pressure; to lead the tight-knit collaboration of a small team while managing the input of two-dozen contributors; the creativity of late-night canteen raids; the ability to find WiFi on safari in Kenya; to remake a powerpoint presentation stuck in grid-lock traffic thirty minutes late to a lecture while carsick; the intellectual agility to provoke, defend, and advocate in an intensive brainstorming session; the methodical attention to big-picture and small-detail; and the ability to atomize seemingly insurmountable tasks into checked-off “done” boxes.

2020 Off (Jefferson’s Grid)

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2020 Off (Jefferson’s Grid)

CANactions Magazine

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2019 Countryside 

Frieze Magazine, AMO

2020 Countryside, The Future

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, AMO

2019 Making Doha 

Qatar National Museum, AMO 

2016 A World of Fragile Parts

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